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Personal data security

All your personal information will be used only for invoices, means of preparing and sending the order. Your E-mail will be used only for periodic newsletters and emails regarding your order. We do not make your data public, and we will never sell your personal data to other companies.

Your password is secured and stocked in the sites crypted password vaults.

SC.CORISSON ORIGINALS.SRL (EUROBEADS) may collect with your agreement any personal data that you introduce on the website. To be able to order products on the website you will have to create an account using a email, and for shipping purposes only we will need your phone number (so we can contact you in need, so the carrier can call you when he is making delivery) and address (whether it is at home or at a workplace).  These informations are not and will not be made public, we will use them only regarding your order: shipping, invoicing, newsletter.
To enchance our services, the website uses Cookies. These do not contain your personal information. To be able to buy from the website you have to agree to the following:

1. We respect the confidentiality of your personal data. We will never give your personal data to any other companies (except shipping carrier for shipping purposes only). Your email will be used only for contact between the shop and client, shops newsletters and for confirmation of your order.

2. We will never sell your personal data to other companies.

3. Any user may request us to delete theire account and personal information. For this please contact us.

4. Sc.Corisson Originals.SRL (EuroBeads) will remain the only company that will have your personal data added on

5. uses "Cookies". This will be stocked on your computers browser. They help you navigate easier and faster on the website by saving images, information etc.

6. The website is secure. Your data can not be stolen. The storage of your personal data is made only with secured instruments.

By accessing the site, placing an order, inserting your personal data you adhere to the above mentioned lines. Also please notat that the company SC.Corisson Originals.SRL ( will keep your personal data until you ask us to delete it.