Free Prestashop Modules
This option is only available on desktop version.
You can easly compare the sizes between products with the help of this card. By pressing the "Print button", on the upper right corner of this page, you can print the above card with a  5x5cm scale ruler in it's real size.
Most products have secondary images on which they are photographed on this ruler. If you press on the magnifying glass of each product in the product list, the product will be sent to the comparison page.
You can access this page by clicking on the "Compare" button located on the upper left, above the product list.
 If there are products that are not photographed on this ruler and you would like to see them, please contact us.



The image above is just an example. Now you can easly see the difference in size between products so you can mix and match products easly! Just print the card and try to vizualize the size of the bead on the card or draw on the printed card so you can get an idea of the products aproximate sizes.