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On this page you will find a visual guide of how to order on our site. We do not accept telephone or email orders. Please use the site to order, it's really easy!
If you need help, you can always contact us on our Facebook Page.
Step 1: Browse your favourite products on The product categories are located on the left, shown in the image below. You can select your countries currency (euro, krona, gbp, lev, forint etc) on the upper right corner of the screen.
 Step 2: Add the products to your cart by pressing the "Add to cart". The product will be added into the cart, quantity 1. You can add more quantities to your cart by writing a number in the box next to the "Add to cart" button, or you can edit the desired quantities later inside the cart.
 Step 3: After you have added all the desired products to your cart, press on the "Cart" button, highlighted in the image below.
Step 4: In the Shopping Cart you can edit the desired quantities by using the arrows, or delete products by using the "Trash can" button highlighted in the image.
 Step 5: To finish your oders follow the "3 Steps" inside the shopping cart. First step is adding your delivery address. Please fill out all the important fields so the carrier can contact you easly. The red-colored fields have a star (*), these fields are mandatory. After completing this process, hit the "Save information" button below the fields.
Remember! You can always ask us to delete your account and personal data!
 Step 6: If you wish to leave us a message with your order, please fill out the highlighted box in the image below
 Step 7: Press on your desired way of payment (highlighted in the box below). After that, you will be re-directed to the payment processing page. This page is secured, we do not store any of your data, and it is 100% safe, we have over 10 years of experience and 0 issues.
 Your order is now finished! You will recieve confirmation emails regarding the payment and we will mail you once the order has been shipped!

If you need any other information, please contact us!

Thank you!