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Frequently Asked Questions -  Here you can find useful information and common questions answered!


Shop policy and company info
By creating an order on this site you agree to the Shop Policy. Click here to read it and also find legal information about our company. By browsing this site you comply to the GDPR terms. Click here to read the GDPR terms.
How do I order?
We have created a visual and text guide to help you complete an order, it's easy. Click here to see the guide. If you need additional help, contact us on facebook!
If you want to contact us, you can do so by filling out the form by CLICKING HERE, call us via phone number: +40742195158 (we are also available an whatsapp), or simply send us an email to:
 Minimum order?
Minimum order for this website is 50 Euro, but we offer free shipping to some countries starting at that point.
Shipping costs vary from country to country. We offer free shipping for some countries for any order value. To browse our prices CLICK HERE. We send only to the E.U member states.
When will my order be shipped?

We ship orders as soon as possible. We take extra care in preparing your order and checking the products so we might send the order either on the same day we recieve it, or in the following day. It depends on our order volume and how long the order is. Check out or Shipping and delivery page by CLICKING HERE to see the aproximate shipping time. The delivery time is medium, we might send it out sooner than specified.

How can i add extra products to an order?
Please send us an email at with the product code and quantity desired. We will manually add it to your order and send you a request for payment via card afterwards.

Delivery is late
If your delivery is arriving late, please contact us so we can check with the shipping company.

Product returns
Product returns are possible. Please contact us if you wish to return products

Can't find certain products on the webiste?
Contact us, we will try to bring any products you desire and keep them in stock so you can find them in the future.

Offers and discounts

Order confirmation
 Once you have finished your order you will recieve an automated email. We will not call you. If you wish for us to call you please specify this in the "Message Box" located inside the cart. You will also recieve a email once the order has been sent.
 Company Info is property of Sc.Corisson Originals.SRL located in the city: Lugoj, Timis County, Romania. VAT number: RO28198545. To learn more about our company visit our "About us" section by CLICKING HERE.

Prices do not include VAT. As E.U based citizens and companies, you will not pay VAT tax, you will pay only the amount shown in cart. No hidden taxes, fees etc. Product price shown on the website is final price, no extra taxes added.
 Payment related questions:
- You can by pay: Credit/Debit card, using a PayPal account or via Bank Wire.
- All tranzactions with the Credit/Debit card payment are secured! No issues in over 8 years.
- No additional taxes will be added. The price you see on the website and inside the card are final prices!

Delivery related questions:
- We offer Door-to-Door delivery. This means your package will be handed to you at the specified address personally by the carrier
- We ship from Romania. Delivery takes between 1-2 business days. Example: We have shipped to the U.K on Monday and the client recieved the package on Tuesday.
- We usually ship in the same day as we recieve the order, latest next day. We do not ship on Saturdays or Sundays.
- If you need any further information that is not listed here, contact us on:
- You will recieve an email with the order tracking number and other tracking details. If you do not recieve any email, either check your spam mail or contact us so we can send you the Air Way Bill (AWB).
- CLICK HERE to view the shipping prices, free delivery terms and other shipping related info.
 Useful product informations:
- For any kind of questions, please contact us via email, contact form or phone!
- some products are sold in packs. This aspect is shown in the product image as following: 10x (means 10 pieces), 2x (means 2 pieces), if nothing is written, price is for one piece. 50g (50 grams) etc.
In the product title: 10pcs means 10 pieces. 2pcs means 2 pieces etc.
In the description it is stated more clearly.
- The sizes of the products and product holes are aproximative. They can vary a milimiter. For example if a bead size is 7.8mm, in the description it might be written 8mm.
- The product images try to reflect how the products look in reality. Due to the difference of color from screen to screen, they might vary a bit from reality.